Boho Collection

Release your BoHo!

Release your BoHo!

Release your BoHo!!

Hiding your gypsy soul? Release your inner hippie, let your freak flag FLY….

Bright and soulful paintings, born of the heart.

My 2013 collection of bohemian style artwork is casual, bold, and matches everything.  Or matches nothing! Depending on your attitude and inclinations.

Combine them in anyway you wish, they are meant to be quirky.

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Are you afraid of color?

Years ago I was a participating artist at a gallery opening in the great state of Georgia.  Several artists had a group show, and the gallery was putting on the dog with a little Thursday night party. It was the typical deal: wine, cheese, hopes, and dreams all spread out on the table for the guests to pick and peck.

About half way through the evening, a local TV celebrity suddenly and loudly whirls into the gallery — dressed in skin tight designer jeans with a HUGE over-sized Dolce & Gabbana belt buckle, pink cashmere blazer, and a head with puffy blonde hair of questionable origin. It truly was something to see, especially on a man of a certain age.

Boho Spring

Boho Spring

The room grew still, each of us artists waiting patiently to meet this colorful person. Hush conversations, softly spoken introductions.

My turn finally arrived. The gallery owner introduced us, pointing out to the man which paintings had been created by me.

The man stood still silent for what seemed like an eternity – viewing my art.

Then he simply said, in his best Georgia Accent,

“Well my oh my, you certainly aren’t afraid of color are you?”

For those outside this South, this means he didn’t really like my work. He was grabbing for something – anything – nice to say about it.

And lordy, lordy we all know that Southerner will walk five miles in the rain before they will just come out and say what they really think.

I smile each time I think of this story.  Such fun.  And yes, I really haven’t ever been afraid of using bold bright color.  What’s to fear?  I just don’t get it.

I suppose we all see the world a little differently, I happen to see a bland reality that begs for a big dose of color.  I feel it’s my calling, my moral obligation to sock it to ya – as boldly and as often as I can.

A person’s taste in art often runs opposite of their personality.   The subtle, shy ones tends to go bold when feathering their nest. Sometimes the attention seeking, flamboyant folks live in rooms filled with soft beige, ivory, and a ever so tiny splash of soft blue accents.

What are you hiding?

Shop for original Boho paintings.

Shop for Boho prints and reproductions.