Coffee, Poets, Paintings: My Opening at Camilla Java

November 10, 2009

Coffee House Exhibit

I currently have a small solo show/exhibit space at the Camilla Java Coffee Shop.  I had a fabulous time hanging it yesterday morning.  They have a new owner, Shannon, who is a wonderful young lady and makes a dandy hazenut latte.
Shannon was busy making coffee and installing Christmas decorations when I arrived.  The town of Camilla and the Camilla Chamber of Commerce  is having their Progressive Dinner later this week, touring many homes and business in the area.

The various hosts are putting their seasonal decorations up a little bit early just to make the event extra special for their guests at the progressive dinner.

NOTE: Progressive Shopping and Dining, downtown Camilla, 5:30, 5:45, 6:00 &
6:15, $20 tickets; contact Camilla Chamber at 229-336-5255 to purchase your tickets.

I want to send a special thank you to Mrs. Patsy Stripling, President of the  Flint River Arts Council, for inviting  me to display my work at Camilla Java.

I have long been a fan of this little caffinated nook of South Georgia.  It is a pleasure for me to have my artwork on display there.  I am also looking forward to attending the progressive dinner event at the coffee shop.



Yesterday, I also had a chance to relax a bit and share a cup of coffee with my friend,  Katherine Stripling Byer.

Kay was in town visiting family and participating in the recent 3rd ASU Poetry Festival.  She is an intriguing poet who continuously amazes me.

Writers do indeed see the world in an intimate and unique manner.

I invite you to read her personal blog: Here Where I Am, as well as the blog she created while serving as the Poet Laureate of North Carolina: My Laureate’s Lasso.

(by the way, I did NOT mispell Dr. davenport’s name, she prefers to use small case letters.)

Last weekend, I was tickled to have a chance to hear Ms. Byer read her poetry in person at the Albany Welcome Center in the Bridge House.

The night featured 4 different poets: Shirlette Ammons, Kathryn Stripling Byer, doris davenport, and Frank X Walker. I was thrilled with each of them.

I must say I am now “hooked” on poetry reading and plan to attend more of them.

Read Ms. Byer’s blog post: ASU Poetry Festival:  Evening Reading Session
Read Ms. Byer’s blog post: ASU Poetry Festival.



My paintings will hang in Camilla through the holidays and into February 2010.

If you drop by, be sure to drive next door.   I like to spend a few minutes each time I visit out  behind the courthouse  under the oak trees.  It is one of my favorite places in Camilla.  From the benches, you can spy on all the action across the street at a old fashioned produce and grocery store .  Depending on the weather and time of year,  you will catch lot’s of small town flavor.

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